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Humboldt Area Club Meetings

Humboldt Amateur Radio Club
The first Tuesday of each month
Municipal Auditorium 406 11th St. Eureka, Ca. 7:00pm.
All are welcome.

Redwood Amateur Radio Club
The fourth Tuesday of each month
Fortuna Fire Dept. 7:00pm.
All are welcome.

Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club
The third Monday of each month
On the air. 146.790 or 146.940, 103.5. 7:00pm.
All are welcome.

Monthly VEC License Testing

Odd Months
Every THIRD Saturday
Eureka Fire Department
533 C Street Eureka, CA

Even Months
Every THIRD Saturday
Fortuna Fire Department
320 S Fortuna Blvd Fortuna, CA

About the FWRA
The FWRA maintains 5 linked repeaters in Humboldt County, California. The repeaters are open to all licensed Amateur Radio operators. Because the repeaters are linked, a ham in Willow Creek can easily talk to a ham in Southern Humboldt – even with very low power. As long as you can make a good contact with the repeater nearest you, you can talk to anyone else on the system throughout Humboldt County. The repeaters have an autopatch function which allows users to make local telephone calls in the Humboldt Bay region. The autopatch also allows users a direct link to the 9-1-1 operator for emergency messages. Users of these repeaters include members of the Humboldt Amateur Radio Club, the Redwood Amateur Radio Club in Fortuna, and the Southern Humboldt Amateur Radio Club in Garberville.

• Pratt Mountain 146.610 (-600) 103.5 (Garberville, Ca)
• Humboldt Hill 146.700 (-600) 103.5 (Eureka, Ca and the Humboldt Bay region)
• Mount Pierce 146.760 (-600) 103.5 (Scotia, Ca)
• Dinsmore 146.980 (-600) 103.5 (Dinsmore, Ca)
• Horse Mountain 147.000 (+600) 103.5 (Willow Creek, Ca)

Please Join the FWRA!
As you can imagine, the replacement of components and maintenance of this system is quite costly. We encourage you to become a member of the FWRA so that you can be a more integral part of the Humboldt County Amateur Radio Community. The funds generated by memberships are critical to the existence and maintenance of the FWRA system. The cost is only $25 a year for an individual, and $30 for a family under the same roof.

Membership Application

Who's Making Contact with Who?

Far West Repeaters Assn P.O. Box 3381 Eureka, CA 95502-3381

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